We are The Models - an agency born entirely from a desire to see change within the local industry, adopting a fresh attitude by going back to basics to the true definition of the word AGENT. We work tirelessly for our models ensuring every opportunity is presented and offered - an agency that works for their models, not the other way around.

Established in Australia in January 2018, The Models runs by a simple philosophy: "By the models. For the models. With the models". Founded by Rebecca Lawrence and Letitia Fitzpatrick, two women with over 40 years experience between them both as models themselves and as Model Managers, The Models knows what its like to be in a model's shoes as well as what a model expects from agency representation. We ensure our models are always included in every decision throughout their careers. We offer on-the-job training as we believe this provides a more thorough understanding of the fashion industry, learning through experience. 

The Models are proud to operate to our Client Guarantee: No additional commissions are paid to the agency. The entire model fee a client pays is fully paid to the talent less the standard national commission of 20%.

The Models, supports The Model Alliance NY and its beliefs around model rights, health, saftey and full transparency.

An agency run BY models, out of a desire to work FOR their models and WITH their models.